Electech Renewable Solutions specialises in the design, supply and installation of alternative and renewable energy solutions. Offering a wide range of solutions such as Grid-tie PV, Hybrid and offgrid solar systems.

Electech Renewable Solutions consult with customers and contractors on renewable energy efficient projects with physical walk through and micro second measurement to establish existing energy usage, simulation and sizing of renewable energy systems to reduce energy charges and carbon footprint.

All designs and installations are done using accredited installers with quality products adhering to international quality control standards and specifications. With new and unique technologies together with engineering design and technical support, Electech Renewable Solutions offers a unique and competitive priced solution.

PRODUCT Overview

  • SolarEdge: Products include domestic and commercial grid-tie inverters along with solar optimizers and state of the art remote monitoring.
  • Victron: Products include Off Grid, Bi-directional and grid interactive inverters along with high quality Solar charge controllers, battery chargers and system monitoring.
  • LifePO4: We have a wide range of Lithium Battery solutions with local brand support from SolarMD, BlueNova, FreedomWon and I-G3N.
  • Ritar: Lead Carbon deep cycle batteries with market leading cyclic life and depth of discharge for Home energy storage or off grid energy solutions.
  • Geyserwise: Products include geyser controllers along with AC & DC operated geyser elements that can run on utility power as well as Solar PV power.
  • Sunking: Products include small scale lighting and cell phone charging solutions by means of solar and lithium battery pack for areas with low to no electrical supply and can alternatively be used for camping lights.