Understanding Solar


Two years ago, I attended a solar course that was presented by Edward. Although I am a qualified electrician, I was very skeptical with regards to solar but after the course a whole new world opened for me and my business.  He taught me several formulas on how to calculate the correct sizes of the different components and the basics concept of solar, but it did not stop there. Whenever I had a problem with a system, he was very helpful and patient and helped me to fix the problem over a phone call. He is a solar specialist, and I would highly recommend his training for any person that really wants to learn solar and expand their knowledge whether for personal or business purposes. Feel free to contact me for any information.

Piet Louw

Lotech Solutions

My company attended The Understanding Solar, solar training in 2019. This training has changed the way we look at our electrical business. We have grown from not only an electrical contracting company but to a contracting and solar company, this is thanks to his training and knowledge. I would highly recommend the training for any electricians who want to enter the solar industry to help them gain the knowledge needed to enter this competitive industry.

Neil Osry

Fushia Electrical

I have been involved in the electrical industry for about 16 years and in this time, I have attended many courses but not one of them came near “Understanding Solar”.
The Presenter, of the course Edward, was friendly and has a passion for what he does. Understanding Solar makes the learners aware of all the factors involved when it comes to the calculation of Solar Systems as well as installation thereof.
When it comes to Solar, I highly recommend Understanding Solar from apprentice to artisan.

Ivann van Wyk

COO, IFT Projects

About Understanding Solar


Since the Understanding Solar Training Program was introduced, it was met with an overwhelming positive response and the sessions was very quickly booked up. The trainer is a qualified electrician and understands the challenges electricians face. As successful as the training sessions was, the drawback was that the participant could not always attend the scheduled training sessions and then must wait months for another session to become available. Another drawback is that the electrical contractor must sacrifice two full days and although the training provides great value for money, there were discussions to change the format of the training to accommodate the needs of the electrical contractor.

Then Covid-19 hit, and all training sessions was halted. This caused a lot of frustration as there still was a great demand to electrical contractors to acquire this vital knowledge. Webinars was tried to satisfy this need but there were just too many drawback in presenting a course of this nature in a webinar.

While facing the challenges of that Covid-19 enforced on us and satisfying the need for electrical contractors to be gain this vital knowledge, the Online Understanding Solar Training was born.

Any Electrical Contractor, Apprentice or Technical advisor can now learn how a back-up system and a solar system works in their own time.

The full training program has been split into “Bite Size” modules to avoid monotony and can be paused at any time. Each module consists of an explanatory video, followed by a short assessment. Once the assessment has been passed, you will be capable to proceed to the next module. Once all the modules are completed you will have a clear basic understanding on… Read More